InfoSec is the only annual high profile platform of Pakistan on Information Security. As always senior executives from financial sector, telecom industry, armed forces, intelligence agencies, key government ministries, foreign missions, utilities sector, major manufacturing concerns etc. will connect to this premier conference

At this conference, attendees will get in touch with our great lineup of speakers who will share their first-hand knowledge and experience gained from some of today's fastest growing companies of Pakistan.

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12:00PM - 4:05PM

25 AUGUST, 2020

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Mr. Sagheer Mufti

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Tamer Aboualy, Ph.D

OT/IoT Security Global Lead
IBM Security Services

Mr. Omar Al Homaidi

Security Architect
IBM Global Markets

Mr. Zane Blomgren

Senior Security Engineer
(United States)

Mr. Shafique Dawood

Head of Sales and Business Development APAC
Group IB - Intelligence - driven Cyber Security, Singapore

Mr. Shoukat Bizinjo

Additional Director, Head, Digital Transformation & Technology Governance, SBP

Dr. Imran Batada

CIO & Director

Mr. Abrar Ameen

CEO & Vice Chairman

Mr. Hussein Hassanali

ISACA - Karachi Chapter GM Head IT Audit, HBL

Mr. Awais Ejaz

Group Head Information Security & Governance
Allied Bank Ltd.

Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Zaeem

Deputy Director - Cyber Crime Wing
Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

Mr. Asif Meenai


Mr. Asher Faisel Khan

Commtel Systems LLC

Mr. Mahir Mohsin Sheikh

Trillium Information Security

Mr. Jawad Khalid Mirza

Askari Bank Ltd.

Mr. Attaullah Memon

Head of Audit, Pakistan Security Printing Corporation
A wholly owned subsidiary of SBP

Mr. Umair Ismail

Head of Global Information Security

Syed Ali Naqvi

Senior Technical Information Security Officer

Mr. Jamal Nasir


Mr. Faisal Nadeem

Head of Information Security

Syed Imran Zafar

Augur Integrated Solutions


  • 12.00 pm - 12.10 pm Welcome Address by Mr. Hussein Hassanali, President, ISACA Karachi Chapter & GM Head IT Audit, HBL
  • 12.10 pm - 12.30 pm Keynote Presentation by Dr. Tamer Aboualy, Ph.D, OT/IoT Security Global Lead Partner, IBM Security Services
  • 12.30 pm - 12.50 pm Keynote Speech by Mr. Sagheer Mufti, COO, HBL
  • 12.50 pm - 01.35 pm Panel Discussion 1: Cyber Security In Realm Of Digital Pakistan
    Moderator: Mr. Jamal Nasir, CEO, SuperSecure
    - Mr. Jawad Khalid Mirza, CISO, Askari Bank Ltd.
    - Mr. Asif Meenai, GM - CISO, HBL
    - Mr. Faisal Nadeem, Head Information Security, Ufone
    - Mr. Umair Ismail, Head of Global Information Security, Aga Khan University Hospital
    - Mr. Abrar Ameen, CEO & Vice Chairman, VRG
    - Mr. Mahir Mohsin Sheikh, CEO, Trillium Information Security
  • 01.35 pm - 02.05 pm Lunch Break
  • 02.05 pm - 02.20 pm Future of Security - MSSP - Mr. Asher Faisel Khan, CEO, Commtel Systems
  • 02.20 pm - 02.40 pm Discover Identity, Build Trust and Stop Fraud in Real Time - Mr. Omar Al Homaidi, Security Architect, IBM Global Markets
  • 02.40 pm - 02.55 pm Cyber Security in the Realm of Digital Pakistan - Mr. Zane Blomgren, Senior Security Engineer, Tripwire
  • 02.55 pm - 03.15 pm Hi Tech Crime Trends 2019-20 - Mr. Shafique Dawood, Head of Sales & Business Development, APAC. Group IB - Intelligence - Driven Cyber Security Singapore
  • 03.15 pm - 04.05 pm Panel Discussion 2: Preventing Online Frauds in a Digital Economy
    Moderator: Mr. Attaullah Memon, Head of Audit, Pakistan Security Printing Corporation
    - Mr. Shoukat Bizinjo, Additional Director, Head Digital Transformation & Technology Governance, State Bank of Pakistan
    - Syed Ali Naqvi, Senior Technical Information Security Officer, HBL
    - Mr. Awais Ijaz, Group Head Information Security and Governance, Allied Bank
    - Mr. Shafique Dawood, Head of Sales & Business Development, APAC. Group IB - Intelligence - Driven Cyber Security Singapore
    - Dr. Imran Batada, CIO & Director, Center of Information & Communication Technology, IBA
    - Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Zaeem, Deputy Director - Cyber Crime Wing, FIA
  • 04.05 pm Closing


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